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March 15, 2015 @ 9:21 pm

Zulu (1964)


Waffle On about Zulu

Hello and welcome to this months edition of waffle on in which Meds and Kell char away about the brilliant 60's film Zulu. This was the film that introduced us to the brilliant Michael Caine.
As usual tthe lads waffle on in various directions, play the trailer and some classic music from this epic movie. 
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See you next month for more waffley goodness. 

Meds and Kell

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September 26, 2013 @ 8:05 pm

1973 & September chat.

Waffle On about 1973 and the September Chat.

Hello and welcome to our new episode in which we celebrate tv and film from 1973. Why this year, well both Meds and Kell were born in this year and as its 40 years ago it seems like a good way to celebrate. We also start our new format with a small review of what is new on tv in September. 

Next month it will be a bigger review show but don't worry we will of course still be covering a classic tv show or film as well. Join our facebook group just search for Waffle On Podcast and join in on the fun and chat. Any emails or comments send them to waffleonpodcast@gmail.com

Cheers Meds and Kell
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February 18, 2012 @ 3:02 pm

The Man Who Would be King.


Waffle On About The Man Who Would be King.

This episode has been desperate to break out of the Waffle On lads brains since the podcast started three years ago. Michael Caine and Sean Connery star along side Christopher Plummer and Saeed Jaffrey in the wonderful John Huston film The Man Who Would be King.

Released in 1975 this film is based on the short story by Rudyard Kipling and follows the exploits of Peachy Carnehan (Caine) and Daniel Dravot (Connery) as they attempt to become rich by forging a army out of the small villages in India and Afghanistan.

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Thanks for listening.

Meds & Kell

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