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Hi and welcome to Waffle On podcast. I'm Meds and each month i'll be joined by guest host Mark C Kelly who will then help me waffle on to you good listeners about a classic television show or film broadcast from around the world. We'll pick a subject ( this could be a children's show like Morph or an adult show like Porridge or a 70's B-Film horror film) and we'll play the theme tune and then talk about it. We will also be doing the odd special podcast and also tribute podcasts when needed.

In between each Waffle episode will be a Mini waffle whcih will let you all know whats coming  up soon and any special news or promos that we think youmay like. Remember we welcome comments either via email or mps on our shows and we will play them or read them out. Send you words of wisdom to waffleonpodcast@gmail.com

So sit back crack open a bottle of wine/can of beer/ can of pop or packet of tea bags and enjoy.


All Waffle On Podcasts are copyright Simon Meddings and Mark C Kelly 2012

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