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Peter Coleman


Peter joined us for the Political Satire episode recorded at Kells flat. Pete along with Meds and Phil (see below) are part of the missinghen team and make the web series The Danger Signs and News@Then.

Phil Hayes


Phil joined us for the Dr Who episode recorded at Waffle Towers. Phil is the head honcho of missinghen and works in which Meds and Peter (see above) work on. 

David Ray, Simon Wood and Chris Powell


From Left to right Meds, Ray, Woody and Chris. This was the crew that recorded the Christmas episode at Woodys flat in Birmingham. Kell couldnt make it but he was made up for in the shape of several cans of beer.

Jen Rhodes and Angela Flournoy


Angela on the left and jen on the right joined Meds and Kell for a Skype chat all about Monty Pythons Search for the Holy Grail. You can find the ladies at www.anomalypodcast.com

David Ray
Ray first turned up in our Christmas episode a good few years ago. He is now one of our regular guest hosts. 
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