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July 14, 2009 @ 10:15 pm

Doctor Who


On this episode Meds and kell are joined by huge Dr Who fan Phil Hayes. here the trio waffle on about one of the most important British televisions programmes ever mad. Dr Who hit our screens in 1963 and stayed there until 1986. A brief return in 1996 failed to relight its gentle flame. Then in 2005 it hit the screens with a huge bang and has been consistent with its ratings and enthusiasm. On this episode of Waffle on the boys go back to their childhood and recall what Dr Who means to them. Its a long episode notching just under two hours in time but you cant put 46 years of television gold in a one hour podcast. Thanks to Mike Featherstone and Mark Daniels for their contributions and once again thanks to Phil Hayes for joining us on the show.

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  • Neil Morgan

    Heard this one today too. Great and even better with the guest caster.

    I learned stuff I did not know. I did not agree with all of the opinions but hey such is life. My Doctor was Tm Baker but I can remember back as far as The Giant Robot and Green Death with Pertwee. I will recommend this to a friend a real Who fan. I gave up with Sylvester McCoy and felt totally dismayed by the Paul McGann one. I love the new doctors and disagree regarding Rose though the her family focus has been annoying.

    Loved it.

    Keep it up nlokes.


    Jul 25, 2010 at 8:46 pm
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