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November 29, 2017 @ 8:28 pm

Our Favourite TV Adverts


Waffle On about our Favourite TV Adverts.

Hello and welcome to this months Waffle On Podcast in which Kell heads off to his new kitchen to fry up a new tasty waffle and allows Meds, Peter and special guest Nigel Bromley to get on with the chat. Here Meds moderates Peter and Nigel as they chat about their favourite TV adverts. We play each advert in full, give a detailed reason why that advert was on the list and then go off in all directions. Its a long episode but trust us when we say it is full of cheeky clips and of course the usual Waffle On Banter. 

Let us know your favourite TV adverts by posting on our Facebook wall.

We'll see you next month for our festive Christmas Special with Meds and Kell. 

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