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November 16, 2014 @ 10:17 pm

Star Wars The Phantom Menace Commentary from Meds & Kell


Waffle On Commentary over Star Wars The Phantom Menace.

Hello and welcome to this special episode of Waffle On Podcast in which Meds and Kell do a film commentary over the mixed reviewed film Star Wars The Phantom Menace. Its a rather tongue in cheek episode and does contain some swearing, mainly when Jar Jar Binks turns up.

If you want to join in and listen when watching the film throw your DVD in and pause it just as the words 'A Long Time Ago in a galaxy far Far Away....' pop up and we then count down to play. If you end up listening without the film then that will equally be ok as you can hear it in the background.

Remember we have a Facebook group page so come along and join us, and please do leave us feedback on iTunes or any other podcast info page.

Next up is our Christmas episode in which the duo throw on their white vests and get ready for Die Hard.

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