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September 3, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

The Blues Brothers


Waffle On about The Blues Brothers

Hello and welcome to this months edition of Waffle On in which Meds is joined by regular guest host Peter Coleman as  Kell takes a break whilst sorting out his wedding arrangements. Here we talk about the classic 1980 film The Blues Brothers. Written by Dan Aykroyd and John landis it stared Aykroyd and fellow Saturday night live comedian and friend John Belushi. This edition has musical clips from the film and a little treat at the end after the promos.

We have also been nominated in the European podcast awards. Please do vote for us at http://www.european-podcast-award.eu/uk/start/vote-and-win/personality/type/player/nc/1/uid/2488/podid/2488.html and you can vote once a day so please pass on to your friends.

Remember we have a Facebook group if you want to join that just head over to Fb and search for us there. Also please do leave us reviews on itines as it would really help us out. Any comments please send to waffleonpodcast@gmail.com


Meds & Kell

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